**SOLD** Ravens World Poster | Zazzle – many thanks to the buyer !

The Raven by Edgar Allen Poe inspires this dark and mysterious portrait of those highly intelligent birds, said to be messengers from the underworld. What does the raven symbolize for you? A dark world? Evil? The mysterious world between light and shadow? The mystery of life and death?

Source: Ravens World Poster | Zazzle


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I create all types of art, digital, fractal, traditional, photography – abstract, expressionist, surreal, naïve, folklorist, dark, light.. and these styles change rapidly. I used to feel embarrassed about these rapid “moves”, changes, afraid that people would be confused, irritated even... but have come to realize, this seeming “weakness” is actually my strength. It is ME .. it suits me.. it is how I live, it is my life. I have lived in many different countries, on different continents, speak several languages, have enjoyed the influences of various cultures – how could I just stick to ONE ?? Impossible! All this I have integrated, all this has joined and has formed me – all this IS me.

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